Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria Helped A Top US Biotech Company Segment And Target Their Customers Effectively And Set-up A Campaign Measurement Framework


  • The client, a top US biotech company, wanted to roll out brand related guides and posters to its accounts
  • The campaign included posters and guides in waiting rooms and examination rooms of hospitals
  • The client wanted to segment their customers and a framework to measure ROI of the campaign once done


  • The clients target list was at physician level whereas the segmentation needed to be done at an account level
  • The target list had conflicting addresses with the affiliation file making it difficult to identify the correct set of targets
  • There were multiple hospitals using the same waiting room making it difficult to differentiate the impressions    
  • The client wanted control holdouts which could capture the attributes of the target accounts effectively  for measuring ROI post campaign


  • A fuzzy logic algorithm was developed to identify the right set of target accounts through an address-matching exercise with the addresses found in the affiliation file
  • Homogeneous segments were carved using the clients customer master based on identified business rules to help maximize the impact of the campaign  
  • We found control holdouts controlling for categorical as well as continuous variables


  • Axtria developed homogenous segments which provided the client with insights related to their target groups
  • Axtria identified holdout samples from which potential controls could be found for measuring ROI post campaign
  • Axtria provided a pre-campaign planning process to help the client design future campaigns more effectively