Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria Conducted Marketing Mix Optimization for a Leading US Biotechnology Organization


  • In the past, the client had estimated the impact of its promotional programs in isolation
  • The client wanted to establish a robust process for optimally allocating marketing spend across the different promotional channels


  • Mapping and processing data from multiple sources/vendors to come up with analysis ready data
  • Segregating the impact of promotions across the various channels and programs employed by the client


Axtria followed a structured approach to conduct the analysis and gather insights with direct business impact:

  • Determined the segments to include in the analysis
  • Determined the channels to include in the analysis
  • Determined modeling related considerations in the response analysis
  • Determined the financial assumptions to be considered in the analysis
  • Developed model and use scenarios as per the business relevancy


  • Axtria conducted two scenarios for the client:
    • Profitability Maximizing scenario (marginal ROI of incremental promotional spend = 0%)
    • Optimal allocation of total promotional budget
  • The analysis helped the client identify the optimal budget allocations across various programs and channels for maximizing ROI

Marketing Mix Optimization For Biotechnology Organization

Marketing Mix Optimization For Biotechnology Organization