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Axtria Collective - April opt2

Welcome to The Axtria Collective!

In this April issue, we bring you the best stories on how e-commerce impacts the pet sales landscape, how digital transformation impacts patient outcomes, the importance of finding the right patients for the Specialty Therapy Market, some valuable insights on how product management roles differ from company to company, and a lot more! Enjoy!




Axtria, in partnership with Salesforce, will host an in-person roundtable event, The Future of Sales Operations in Life Sciences. We will bring together industry experts to discuss the latest technology trends and innovations shaping the future of sales planning and operations strategies.

In this roundtable event, the attendees will get insights into Salesforce’s latest innovations, significant improvements coming to sales operations in life sciences, and a peek into the latest features of Axtria SalesIQ™, leveraging the Salesforce platform. Click on the “Learn More” button below and register for the event.

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The Importance of Finding the Right Patients for the Specialty Therapy Market

In this podcast episode, Randy Risser, Principal at Axtria, dives into the issues pharma companies face regarding product commercialization. He also discusses the foundational elements that executives can put in place to meet customers’ needs and the requirements related to data and analytics to help manufacturers find the right patients.

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Product Manager in a Startup vs. Large Corporates

In this webinar, in partnership with the NASSCOM: ProductSkills, Axtria’s R&D leader shares her journey and experience on how product management roles differ from company to company, highlights the pros and cons of these roles in startups and large corporations, and provides some valuable insights on the nature and expectations of these roles.

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App vs. Pill - Will Digital Therapeutics Transform How We Treat Medical Conditions?

In this podcast episode, Ivan Pandiyan, Vice President of Global R&D at Natus Medical Incorporated, discusses the evolution of digital therapeutics in contrast to traditional therapeutics, the success digital therapeutics have had, and its future role in the pharma and life sciences industries.

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The Impact of E-commerce on the Pet Sales Landscape

In this exclusive article, learn about the evolving pet care landscape and e-commerce business models, the implications for pet care product manufacturers, and how data and technology can help animal health companies reinvent their e-commerce strategy.

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Top 5 Sales Challenges for Rare Disease Teams

This blog covers the top five challenges rare disease pharmaceutical companies face in the end-to-end commercialization process, from sales crediting to incentivizing field sales personnel.

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Digital Transformation Impacting Patient Outcomes

Learn how digital transformation is changing the pharma landscape and how organizations can successfully implement it.

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In a bid to satisfy the increasing demand for data analytics and cloud-based solutions from markets in the US, Latin America, and Europe, Axtria will be creating employment opportunities in Bengaluru, India. The new delivery center accompanies other offices in the National Captial Region (NCR), including Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gurugram, and Noida.

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Axtria is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) 2022 Annual Conference, the premier event for pharma data science professionals!

Don’t miss out on Axtria’s participation in the informative training workshop, enlightening podium presentations, scholarly poster presentations, and a lot more.

Join us and fellow pharma innovators in Louisville, Kentucky from May 15 to 18, 2022.

Stay tuned for more details!

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