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Digital Advertising Operations To Recapture New Economy Revenue

The digital media industry with its low barriers to entry, unlimited inventory, automated trading systems and rapidly shifting consumer habits is vibrant and rapidly evolving. Consumer adoption of innovative digital models and development of new marketing technologies and applications to deliver advertisements has given digital publishers across media industry segments, options to supplant the rather spiralling revenues from traditional media inventory. This blog will delve into insights to help digital publishers investigate strategies and models which would help them compete more strategically and generate the incremental dollar in the wake of already formidable competition like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, among others.
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Transforming Media Processes for revenue maximization

News publishing markets have witnessed unprecedented shifts since the advent of the online platform. There were times when radio was the prime news dissemination medium, following which afternoon newspapers gained prominence.  The progression from nightly TV broadcast network news, to the ubiquitous cable and finally to the latest proliferation of web, has totally altered the news consumption landscape. These changes in the news mediums, customers, platforms, revenue models have all caused news-media companies to rapidly shift their focus to be competitive and grab the maximum pie at the earliest. The most important and growing share of this pie belongs to the news websites which, according to Nielsen, comprise 40% of the total traffic on the internet.
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