Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Alignment and Roster Management Solution for a Large Healthcare Company


  • A global diagnostic services company leverages a large sales forces with 23 teams, 1300+ sales reps covering 500K accounts across US
  • Existing alignment maintenance process was offline
  • Need for quick integration with another diagnostics company acquired by the Client
  • Issues with roster management, eligibility and IC sales crediting due to manual alignment process


  • Cloud based module “Sales Deployment” leveraged for making real-time alignment and roster changes driven by insights at the point of decision making
  • Transition Management involved steady Ramp-up of resources from May 2013 to Jan 2014

Alignment and Roster Management Solution for a Large Healthcare Company

  • Bandwidth and Flexibility: Sales force integration planning and implementation process includes the following:
    • Data integration
    • Engagement Team Kick-off
    • Sales Force Design
    • Personnel Selection
    • Communication and Launch Planning
    • Deploy & Implement
    • Review


  • Seamlessly integrated with downstream systems, with data flowing into and driving reporting, incentives and CRM activities for over 500K accounts, 1300+ territories, resulting in over 3MM active alignment records
  • Integration and sales launch of $.5 billion acquisition completed in 30 days
  • Defined exception handling process with audit and approval management
  • Single version of truth for alignment information feeding to all downstream systems