Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Data-as-a-Service Implementation: Axtria’s DataMAx platform processes data for >25 major national SPPs


Our client, is a global Pharma company with 4 blockbuster specialty franchises.

  • Complex specialty pharmacy provider (“SPP”) channel requiring direct data management and reporting from > 25 major national SPPs
  • Existing process had NO documentation, SPP’s not measured vs. SLA’s in distribution contracts
  • Scope included 4 company brands and 7 competitive brands


Axtria partnered with client and implemented DataMAx platform for this engagement.


  • Business rules for management of all the SPP data sets were reviewed and documented. Business rules were bucketed into two broad categories – 1. Business rules common across all datasets. 2. Business rules unique to each SPP dataset. This approach provided considerable benefit during configuration of DataMAx as common business rules for all the datasets were configured in one go
  • Automated data handling layer set up to receive all the input files and generate key KPIs and exception reports
  • Axtria created As-Is State, Future State, BRD documents, UAT Plan
  • A team of experienced Pharmaceutical analysts worked on this project to create validation reports, standardization techniques and process data by using DataMAx
  • Onshore-Offshore operating model to provide high availability to the client


  • QA process documented for every input file
  • 8 weeks from kick-off to UAT.
  • Over 3 MM records processed / month.
  • Data receipt includes 2.5MM unique providers across 20k outlets



Data-as-a-service solution considerably increased productivity across the value chain

  • Enhanced transparency with visible KPIs at every step of data processing
  • High level of quality due to validation checks applied on raw, intermediate and processed data
  • Improved cycle time with a platform enabled data management solution
  • Analysts were able to focus more on value adding activities