Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

For a Top-10 Pharma Company, Axtria Deployed Field Feedback Platform to Gather Accurate Customer Profile and Affiliation Data to Support Implementation of Account-based Selling Model


  • Client has chosen to implement account-based selling model to improve commercial effectiveness
  • Client is frustrated with the inaccuracy of syndicated physician-group affiliation data and is struggling to develop profile and affiliation information.
  • Client’s customer master, field technology, and core infrastructure is in the midst of multi-year revamp, but a quick solution is needed to satisfy evolving business needs


  • Huge inconsistencies in the data prove to be a major roadblock during the initial setup
  • The stringent timelines for implementation have to be met, as the client is struggling with the current situation
  • The web based tool needs to be user friendly and intuitive in order to enable buy-in from the field force
  • The tool needs to have a smart search option for quick queries


  • Axtria configured and deployed field feedback application, currently configured for laptop web access, and ready for iPad as client upgrades technology platform
  • Configured, field tested, and implemented national rolled out to 2,000 reps in  6 months
  • The User Interface was iPod-simple to ensure a high engagement, using ASP.NET framework with AJAX add-on.  Platform was coded with fuzzy search function to perform rapid search


  • Project deployed on time and on budget
  • Rapid adoption by field, tracking up to 5,500 transactions per day
  • Mapping next version to affiliate hospitals, health systems, and other forms of ‘accounts’

Field Feedback Platform For Customer Profile And Affiliation Data For Account-based Selling Model