Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria’s Master Data Management Team Helped the Client Transform Customer Master into an Organizational Asset


  • Series of acquisitions made by the client created the need for integrating financial and billing processes. Customer master integration and creating one view of customer for all business units was key to the over-all integration
  • However, each business unit viewed customer differently which made which made the process of customer data integration complex
  • In addition, there were a myriad of legacy data issues in all the customer masters


  • Complex marketplace and go-to-market strategy
  • Client on acquisition spree - bought 6 companies in 18 months
  • 6 business units, selling teams and customer masters
  • Multiple customer types, inconsistent definition of a customer across all business units
  • Lack of an accurate and reliable third party data provider


We leveraged our proprietary framework for client’s data management and data quality enhancement needs

  • Customer data integration project
    • Led and drove the data integration for 6 business units
    • Formed a joint team to create customer conversion and data matching rules & algorithms
    • Extracted data from all customer masters, processed it using business rules and loaded it to a single customer master
    • Conflicts in data integration resolved with automatic and manual reviews
  • Customer data clean up and enhancement project
    • Analyzed customer master, identified key data issues
    • Designed a solution for fixing data issues and cleaning up the data
    • Assessed 3rd party sources for data clean-up and enhancement
    • Cleaned data using a mix of manual and automatic processes

Master Data Management Team Transformed Customer Master Into Organizational Asset


  • Integrated 6 customer master databases in an aggressive timeline of 7 months, enabling  the run of integrated billing cycle in timely manner
  • Identified ~4K new customers during the process that created upselling and cross selling opportunities
  • Cleaned and enhanced ~40 % of customer master data, adding new dimension to data that helped sales team do targeted selling
  • Eliminated ~30% of customer data as junk / incorrect, bringing more clarity to client’s customer universe