Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Multi-product, Multi-campaign, Multi-channel Optimization for a Leading Credit Card Issuer


A top Credit Card issuer was doing multiple campaigns round the year. It was faced with twin problems of list fatigue and low response rates, trying to answer strategic questions: 

  • Which offer to send?
  • What price to offer?
  • When to send?
  • What sequence to follow?
  • Which Channel to use?


  • We deployed advanced modeling techniques to predict the response and volume across campaigns.
  • We used Bayesian techniques to identify granularities in interaction effects – creating a channel optimization grid.
  • We helped client design campaigns using DOE techniques.

Multi-product Multi-campaign Multi-channel Optimization For Credit Card Issuer


Resulted in direct cost savings of ~30% to client. Incremental positive impact of $2-3 Mn on client’s bottom-line.