Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria Conducted Over-the-counter Brand Physician Targeting Exercise for a Top US Pharma Company


Marketing team of a leading pharmaceutical firm had been conducting marketing activities like direct mail shipments including samples, coupons, brand literature etc. and contract sales force targeting for building brand equity and to drive sales of their over-the-counter (OTC) brands.

These activities supported the brand by building positive brand associations through physicians’ and consumers’ exposure to the brand like

  • Physicians listening to brand details, advantages/disadvantages etc. explained by sales rep
  • Patients seeing brand literature in a physician’s office
  • Patients taking or being given a coupon in a physician’s office
  • Patients receiving recommendations to use brand by a physician or other HCP, accompanied by samples to initiate purchase

Axtria was hired to identify the high value HCP offices to support the targeting through team’s marketing activities.


  • Free availability of OTC drugs without prescription:
    • Physician association with the drug is not available as for prescription brands like quantity of brands recommended and purchased by patients
    • Patient purchases of the brand are not recorded for OTC drugs
  • Difficult one-to-one mapping of a prescription drug therapeutic area with OTC brand category
  • Physician prescription data for a related prescription therapeutic area can be used, as a proxy, for identifying high value HCP offices
  • Incorrect and little survey data availability of brand category recommendation by physician


Axtria focused on three characteristic of HCPs to identify high value HCP offices

  • Brand Recommendations
    • Physicians in the high value office should have high number of brand recommendations
    • Physician level brand share model identified the HCPs with high brand share among the total brand category recommendation
  • Patient Volume/Brand Category Recommendations
    • Physician in high value office should have high number of target customers/high brand category recommendations
    • Physician level brand category recommendations model focused on improving the survey data using the prescription data of a related therapeutic area
  • Coupons Redeemed by Patient
    • Physician in high value office should provide high number of coupons to patients
    • Physician provided coupons were tracked for redemption

Scored HCPs for marketing activity targeting

  • Physicians with highest score on the three characteristics are considered for targeting
    • Physician score carries equal weightage from all the three characteristics


  • Created target list for two of the client’s OTC brands targeted by direct mail promotional activity
    • Physicians in the target list rated high on actual survey responses compared to client’s previous target list
    • Physicians in the target list were extremely good in providing brand brochures, samples and coupons to the customers
  • Created a plan for comparing the performance of the brand quarterly
    • Recommendations from physicians in the target list will be compared with their past recommendations using surveys
    • Sales at the locations near the physicians in target list will be checked for hikes