Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Rapid Integration Planning and Sales Force Launch


  • Client acquired regional competitor in Eastern US with a sales force of ~ 300 reps spread across 4 different sales teams
  • Needed to re-evaluate account potential and evaluate sales force size to achieve synergy savings targets
  • Re-align territories across 7 sales teams and select the best reps in a quick time frame

Axtria Approach

Axtria setup a Salesforce Integration Planning and Implementation process which involved setting up a complete merger integration and transformation plan executed through the following stages:

  • Data Integration Planning Process
  • SalesForce Design Activities
  • Deployment and Implementation
  • Regular Review and Adjustment

Axtria deployed a merger ‘SWAT team’, leveraged Post Merger Integration playbook, and effective use of technology for execution. We started with data gathering using a “clean room" and “Kickoff to Integration” were all completed within 45 days!

Rapid Integration Planning and Sales Force Launch Needed


  • 300+ territories, 30+ districts impacted by the transition, many of them redesigned from scratch
  • Carved out a “pilot” deployment area to test new go-to-market strategy focused on customer retention and growth
  • Personnel selection carried out for ~ 750 reps across 6 sales teams using a data driven transparent process
  • > 50k impacted accounts with quantified attrition risk and transition needs
  • Business Rules and Processes established to accept, cleanse and align target company’s account information using the "Sales Deployment" module of Axtria SalesIQ™