Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria Built a Statistical Model for a Fortune 50 Pharma Distributor to Predict Churn in its Pharmacies Portfolio


Client is experiencing high turnover (loss in sales) of pharmacies for its small and medium pharmacies business.


Axtria employed its business processes to design solution towards understanding the problem and proposing the mitigation solution.

Statistical Model for Pharma Distributor to Predict Churn in Pharmacies Portfolio


Below are the components delivered as a part of this engagement -

  • Created definition of loss – added semi losses
  • Opportunity size estimation
  • Built a decision tree to identify high loss segments
  • Segments with more than 50% loss rate identified
  • Scoring engine created for quarterly feed to business for retention efforts
  • Dedicated monitoring team for model refresh and recalibration