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Axtria Insights

Targeted Recruitment – Attract the Right People, with the Right Skills, at the Right Time


The client, a large bank, wants to improve its recruitment process to attract better candidates and enable a better match of job roles to available profiles.


Key Challenges faced were -

  • How to match available job roles with available profiles?
  • Is there a way I can learn from what has worked well for my organization?
  • How many to hire?
  • When to hire?
  • How will external and internal factors influence the hiring outlook?


The Approach followed was -

  • The first step was to scour through the available internal and external data to assess the situation.
  • The possible data components captured in the process were – 
    • Recruitment Data (Employee/candidate) – Job profile, Resume information (Education, Demographics, Experience), Recruitment Channel, Interview Results, Annual Assessments, Promotion/Lateral Movements, Tenure
    • Recruitment Data (External) – Unemployment rate, Organization attractiveness, Industry attractiveness, Cost of living, Industry Pay levels
  • Used statistical models like Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, ROI and Interactive Dashboards to arrive at the following solutions: 
    • Offer drop prediction
    • New hire attrition
    • Channel optimization (Vendor/Campus, Referral, Employment sites etc.)
    • Demand forecasting /  Skill based warm pipelining
    • Successful employee profiling


Below were the improvement achieved -

  • Increased organisational flexibility
  • Reduced recruiting costs
  • Improved candidate success and tenure
  • Improved efficiency