Axtria Insights

Axtria Insights

Axtria Developed, Tested and Implemented ECM Risk Strategies for a Large European Bank


  • A large European bank wanted to create risk strategies along the given lines - Credit Line, Payment Hold, Authorizations & Collections
  • Requirement was to develop, test & implement the risk strategies


The approach towards designing the RISK Strategies involved the following steps:

  • Design
    − Technical specification created for the project
  • Development
    − Strategies developed in Blaze Advisor
  • Testing
    − Detailed testing performed to find bugs
  • Implementation & live
    − Strategies implemented in live and production testing performed

The Tools utilized in the process were – VisionPLUS, TRIAD, Blaze Advisor, Mainframes, Quality Center.

Tested Implemented Ecm Risk Strategies for European Bank


The final outcome of the initiative could be summed-up as below:

  • All strategies were implemented in live region with zero issues
  • Rules designed to have the enhancement ability for strategy changes
  • Change releases were also delivered post first implementation