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Axtria Insights

Voice of Customer Analysis


The Determine if the VOC data can give insights into factors influencing customer satisfaction

  • Determine if dissatisfied customers can be identified from VOC data
  • The VOC data was a sparse data set available for only three months


We applied various hypotheses to the VOC Data:

Hypothesis 1

Customer dissatisfaction is directly linked to how long it takes to resolve a service issue/request

  • Satisfied Customer – resolution on same day of issue logged or within next day
  • Dissatisfied Customer - resolution takes longer than 1 day

Voice Of Customer Analysis

Hypothesis 2
  • Customers who have to log multiple calls are more dissatisfied even if their issues are resolved
  • Analysis Methodology – see the overlap between customers calling multiple times for same issue with those who called for multiple types of issues

Hypothesis 3
  • Calls coming through certain channels or of certain types influence overall customer satisfaction
  • Analysis Methodology – CHAID Analysis: Satisfaction scores by channels and type of issue


Key Insights on factors affecting level of satisfaction for customers which helped client formulate the right strategy to improve Customer Satisfaction Score.