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As technology continues to advance rapidly, life sciences companies are finding innovative ways to leverage data science and AI to boost their performance and unlock new possibilities.

In this edition, we have curated topics that highlight the technologies and trends revolutionizing the life sciences industry. From optimizing decision-making processes with data analytics to improving patient outcomes with real-world data simulations, let’s explore the exciting possibilities that digital transformation holds.

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PMSA 140

Webinar - Omnichannel Measurement Approaches for Outcomes-driven, Personalized Campaigns

Join Axtria Omnichannel leaders for this webinar on August 23 to gain insights on holistically measuring omnichannel campaigns and orchestrating various analytical approaches, such as marketing mix modeling and attribution modeling to enable outcomes-driven omnichannel campaigns.

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Using Real-World Data Simulations to Improve Patient Outcomes

Real-world data (RWD)-based simulations can derive patient-level estimates of the effectiveness and safety of treatments in real-world populations.

Axtria’s latest white paper showcases the framework, advantages, and applications of RWD simulations, including their impact on patient outcomes. It also features a case study of a flexible RWD-based simulation of cardiovascular therapy intensification, developed by Axtria’s RWE/HEOR team. 

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How Data Science Will Revolutionize Life Sciences, and How to Prepare

In this podcast episode, Shikha Singhal, Head of Data Science at Axtria, discusses how data science can help life sciences companies improve commercial effectiveness. Learn about real-life data science use cases, related challenges, and the capabilities required to tackle them.

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Digital Transformation

This insightful article gives a comprehensive overview of digital transformation and uncovers its profound impact on businesses. Read more to understand the critical areas of digital transformation, trends and challenges, and how to get started in a digital transformation journey.

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The Evolution of Pharma Field Force Deployment and Targeting

Pharma organizations must rethink their field deployment and targeting strategies to provide superior customer engagement outcomes. This article, written by Axtria leaders and published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA), unravels how companies navigate the complexities of sales roles and leverage hybrid approaches to enhance collaboration and achieve customer-centricity.

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Leader's Perspective - Tejas Arur

Key Principles and Strategies Behind Account-Based Marketing in a Digital Age

Listen to this intriguing podcast featuring Tejas Arur, Principal of Marketing and Business Development at Axtria, where he talks about the importance of personalized and targeted marketing strategies, the role of data analytics and AI in account-based marketing, and more.

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Innovation and Industry Perspective: Master Data Management

Organizations across industries are embracing master data management (MDM) technologies and services to drive growth, enhance decision-making, and gain a competitive edge. Axtria’s latest article explores six industry trends that will steer the MDM platform’s next-generation evolution and adoption.

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Using Big Data and AI/ML to Make Drug Development Cheaper, Faster, and More Effective

Clinical data management is scalable, flexible, intelligent, and interoperable with third-party tools. This article reviews the modern clinical data journey, and how technologies can help optimize clinical trial operations and bring cost-efficiency when applied to data.

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Axtria Inaugurates Two New Offices In Pune At Hinjawadi And Kharadi

Situated in the IT hubs, the offices at EON IT Park, Kharadi, and Nalanda SEZ IT Park, Hinjawadi, aim to support the increasing demand for data-driven analytics solutions and the adoption of AI technologies. Read More>>

Axtria DataMAx™ Small Pharma Offering Launched

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Axtria’s DataMAxSmall Pharma offering! With Axtria’s DataMAx™ Small Pharma, emerging and small life sciences companies get enterprise-grade insights that drive commercial success. Read More>> 

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