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Axtria Collective - Rare Disease

Welcome to The Axtria Collective!

We have dedicated this issue to the theme of rare disease to show our support to those lives impacted by a rare disease and to raise awareness of the 7,000+ rare diseases that impact over 300 million people globally!

In this February issue, we bring you the best stories on how AI and software are accelerating the discovery, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases, an evaluation of marketing strategies for rare diseases, a perspective on mapping key opinion leaders in rare disease therapies, a pharma leader’s personal journey of hope and motivation to make a difference, and a lot more! Read on.



Using AI and Software to Accelerate Discovery, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Rare Disease Patients

In this podcast, Vikram Batra, a senior leader in Axtria’s Decision Science practice, discusses how AI and software are accelerating the discovery, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases. Tune in as we speak about the importance of pharma leaders investing in relevant data sets and why an accelerating speed of diagnosis is a win-win for all.

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Rare Disease


Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech

Smita Murthy, Global Head of Product at Axtria, shares her inspiring journey in product management, and valuable anecdotes from her life and career. Read her in-depth interview and get inspired!

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Rare Diseases: A Pharma Leader’s Personal Journey of Hope and Motivation to Make a Difference

Charlie Thompson, Principal at Axtria, takes us through his personal journey and experiences with rare diseases, how they impacted the individuals around him, why the diagnosis for these diseases is difficult, and the symptom surfing phenomena that occurs with the onset of these elusive diseases.

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Evaluation of Marketing Strategies for Rare Diseases – A Discussion

Learn more from Vipul Pandey, Director at Axtria, as he speaks about his experience working with the top ten pharma companies, his point of view on the rare disease therapy area, the associated challenges, and the way forward for commercial organizations operating in this space.

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Three Rare Disease Diagnostic Opportunities for AI and Machine Learning

By leveraging cutting-edge technology to understand rare diseases better, some of the top pharma companies are centrally focusing on predictive patient identification, accurate disease diagnosis, and ahead-of-the-curve treatment options.

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Rare Diseases - Challenges Associated with Orphan Drug Commercialization

The commercialization process of orphan drugs differs from traditional drugs, with a lot more involvement from multiple stakeholders, each with their own set of unique challenges.

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Mapping Key Opinion Leaders in Rare Disease Therapies

Key opinion leaders' identification and management is an essential strategy for every pharmaceutical company. They help address various pain points along the patient journey and maximize the opportunity for their orphan or rare drug(s).

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MicrosoftTeams-image (7)

Despite the challenges of the global crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jassi Chadha received the Top Industry Leaders award for “making a lasting impact in his field of work and playing a critical role in advancing science and organizational excellence to ensure uninterrupted service to the patient population, their employees, partners, and other key stakeholders,” according to Life Sciences Voice. “The award recipients energize their teams to push the boundaries of innovation and extend what is possible.”

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Axtria is proud to be a Global Sponsor of the Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2022. We look forward to meeting the commercial leaders of the pharma industry in person! Join us and fellow pharma innovators beginning March 16, 2022.

Stay tuned for more details.

Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2022

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