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This edition features a case study on achieving 75% cost savings through an NLP and GenAI-based solution, articles on GenAI's capabilities in various domains, Axtria's POV on the implications of the Inflation Reduction Act on Real-World Evidence, and more.

Before we dive into these topics, we have some exciting news to share. Axtria Ignite 2024, our premier event held on June 12-13 in Princeton, New Jersey, was a resounding success! With over 20 sessions, Axtria Ignite 2024 left the attendees inspired and energized with new insights from four amazing tracks: 'Data and Artificial Intelligence,' 'Next Era Commercialization,' 'Customer Engagement,' and 'Unlocking Value with GenAI and AI-Based Software.' Learn more in the event highlights section. 

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Sparks Fly at Axtria Ignite 2024

Axtria Ignite 2024 brought together more than 350 senior participants from over 65 of the world’s top pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. The two-day event enabled the exchange of innovative ideas, fostered collaboration in our industry, and shared state-of-the-art discussions on topics driving life sciences organizations forward.

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Cost Savings of 75% Gained From Natural Language Processing and Generative AI While Evaluating Patient Experiences

This case study explores how Axtria worked with a leading biotech company’s Patient Support Services and Home Office teams to develop and operationalize a Natural Language Processing and GenAI-based solution to analyze field reviews. The client benefitted with over 75% cost savings, scalability, improved efficiency and accuracy, and reduced subjectivity. 

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The Inflation Reduction Act and Its Implications on Real-World Evidence

The Inflation Reduction Act, which aims to reduce prescription drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States, has multiple implications for RWE, such as an increase in demand for real-world data and the adoption of methods like causal inference.

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Data Management

Data plays a huge role in business decision-making today. As the amount of information at our disposal increases, robust data management becomes crucial. Read this article to learn about data management systems, essential components of data management, industry challenges, and best practices.

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Personalized Healthcare for Every Individual, Made Possible With GenAI

Shikha Singhal, Principal of Data Science at Axtria, discusses how GenAI is revolutionizing the early detection and management of critical diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular issues, neurological disorders, diabetes, and infectious illnesses.

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Creating Impactful Email Marketing Content With GenAI

Email marketing in the life sciences industry serves as a platform for educating stakeholders about new treatments, therapies, medical devices, and scientific breakthroughs. This article discusses the role of marketing agencies in email content creation, associated challenges, and how GenAI can bridge the gap. 

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Data Engineering Summit 2024

DES 2024, conducted in Bangalore, India, featured a powerhouse panel discussion moderated by Chiranjeev Singh Sabharwal, Senior Director, Axtria. The event brought together top data engineering experts in the industry.

Experts discussed emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AI/ML integration in data pipelines, and real-time data processing for faster decision-making. Here are a few snippets from the event.

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