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Omnichannel provides a highly customer-centric commercial strategy that enables every interaction between a customer and a company through various channels to be seamless and integrated. In this age of hyper-connectivity, it has become imperative for companies to have an established omnichannel process that provides a holistic customer experience while managing complexity and operations costs.

In this issue, we focus on the role of omnichannel outreach that helps engage customers through multiple touchpoints in an orchestrated way, making the experience smoother, consistent, and highly personalized. In this issue, we are bringing you the best stories on how false starts continue to undermine omnichannel efforts, a roadmap for establishing and maturing omnichannel marketing within life sciences, pharma omnichannel trends in a post-COVID world, a practical field force guide for omnichannel, and a lot more! Read on!



The Role of Marketing Data Hubs in the Omnichannel Transformation

Learn from Philip Daniels, Principal at Axtria, why marketing data hubs (MDHs) are critical to coordinating marketing operations and analytics. He also delves into how MDHs differ from traditional data warehouses and customer data platforms and explains Axtria’s unique metadata and consulting approaches in the omnichannel transformation space.

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How False Starts Continue to Undermine Omnichannel Efforts

Listen to this podcast where Jassi Chadha, President and CEO, Axtria, discusses the current state of omnichannel within the life sciences industry, how omnichannel marketing bridges the gap from marketing operations to sales excellence, and provides a holistic view of the customer to improve stakeholder experience across all touchpoints.

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How Life Sciences Companies Can Enable Experiences to Meet Expectations of the Connected Consumer

Learn from Rita Sharma, General Manager and Vice President at Salesforce, as she talks about how life sciences companies can enable experiences to meet the expectations of connected consumers. She discusses how the life sciences industry is changing and evolving – from the focus on healthcare providers to the shift on the end consumer and the pandemic’s role in bringing about this change. Tune in to listen to the full episode.

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Lokesh Jindal of Axtria on How to Use Digital Transformation to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Read Axtria’s, Product Head Lokesh Jindal’s, interview with Authority Magazine, which showcases his roller-coaster journey from ”his early engineering days in India” to “an entrepreneurial stint” to “his return to corporate,” and how his love for technology landed him in roles where he led successful digital transformation initiatives across various industries. Lokesh shares the lessons he has learned and offers invaluable advice for professionals and companies involved in digital transformation initiatives.

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Digital Transformation – Business-driven or Technology-driven?

In this article, Axtria’s Product Head Lokesh Jindal explores the possibilities of how pharma companies can close the digital gap and adopt digitization as a culture, ensuring that the efforts and investments in the transformation journey ensure tangible and sustainable results. Read how the age-old debate between taking a business-centric approach or a technology-centric path becomes the key strategic decision for companies before commencing this journey.

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A Roadmap for Establishing and Maturing Omnichannel Marketing Within Life Sciences

A cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy can significantly increase your customer experience ratings. In this blog, Axtria has developed a maturity model (or framework) for life sciences companies looking to establish and advance omnichannel capabilities.

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Pharma Omnichannel Trends in a Post-COVID World

This roundtable conducted by Axtria’s Director, Inderpreet Kambo, along with industry leaders, discusses the most impending roadblocks and provides recommendations for mitigating some of the challenges and accelerating the omnichannel transformation. Learn about the recent trends in omnichannel adoption and the opportunities posed by their impact.

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The Augmented Rep: A Practical Field Force Guide for Omnichannel

This white paper discusses the changing role of the field force and the new normal of omnichannel B2B sales and explores the perspectives of eight pharma thought leaders on the industry's projections.

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Is COVID-19 Accelerating the Pharma Industry’s Journey Toward Omnichannel Customer Engagement?

In this webinar, Axtria reviews the current trends toward omnichannel migration in the pharma industry and discusses how pharma customers have embraced omnichannel to connect and how the industry needs to adapt to meet needs based on customer-preferred channels.

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Axtria, global sponsor of this year's Reuters Events™ Pharma USA 2022, delivered the keynote presentation on how the patient journey is evolving with the advent of technology, why pharma must pay close attention, and what the industry can do not just to stay relevant but drive the future of healthcare. Reuters Events™ Pharma USA, North America's leading life sciences event for commercial operations, took place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from March 16-17.

The keynote, given by Axtria BU Head and Client Partner, Prakash Pothamsetti, probed the underlying shifts impacting pharma therapy delivery ecosystems caused by the accelerated integration of tech industry innovations, intelligent software, advanced data analytics, and AI/ML-based systems.

"As companies are trying to recover and cope with the aftermath of the pandemic, we look forward to helping the industry on their digital transformation journey via our integrated ecosystem of software platforms that take advantage of enterprise data, cutting-edge analytics, and omnichannel customer engagement," said Jaswinder Chadha, President and CEO of Axtria.

Stay tuned for more details on this keynote session.

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