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Axtria is at the top of the mountain! We are proud to be named a Leader in the Everest Group Life Sciences Digital Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.

Get a complimentary copy of the report in this edition of The Axtria Collective. Read about the transformative impact of precision medicine on women’s health, and listen to our latest podcast episode on the pivotal role of AI and software in promotional measurement, planning, and activation. Finally, learn about business intelligence reporting using control charts and do a deep dive into cost-effectiveness analysis for rare diseases.

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Everest Group Life Sciences Digital Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024 Report

This report provides an analysis of the life sciences digital services market. Everest Group classified 16 life sciences digital services specialist providers into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. Axtria was named a Leader in its category, ranking high in “market impact” and “vision and capability.” The report also highlights Axtria's expertise in data analytics, collaborative partnerships, AI-driven services, and cloud-enabled tools. 

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Shikha Singhal Profile

The Future Is Personal: Precision Medicine for Women’s Wellbeing

This article by Shikha Singhal, Principal of Data Science at Axtria, explores the transformative impact of precision medicine on women’s health. Learn how digital health technologies, personalized treatments, and advancements in screening technologies can create a healthier future for women.

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Podcast - Sameer Sardana Profile

Software-Driven Transformation of Promotional Measurement, Planning, and Activation

Sameer Sardana, Principal at Axtria, discusses the key trends in how life sciences organizations plan and assess promotional campaigns. Learn about product-driven analytics, values unlocked by software and AI, barriers to change in promotional effectiveness space, and more.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Unlock the potential of your data with BI reporting. This article explores the benefits of BI reporting and the drawbacks of the common reporting methods. It also sheds light on control charts, a statistical tool that offers a more accurate representation of data.

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A Deep Dive into Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Rare Diseases

Conducting a cost-effectiveness analysis for rare diseases presents significant challenges due to the scarcity of data, heterogeneity in trial populations, and unique endpoints. Dive deeper to understand these complexities, explore recommendations to tackle them, and learn about Axtria’s innovative approach, which combines domain knowledge with AI/ML techniques.

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Axtria Expands to Hyderabad with its Ninth Global Innovation and Capability Center in India

The new 76,000-square-foot center in Hyderabad contributes to Axtria’s mission of helping life sciences companies drive better health outcomes by offering specialized data analytics and AI-driven services, including generative AI. Read More>>

PMSA 2024 Global Summit in New Delhi

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) 2024 Global Summit, conducted in New Delhi was a resounding success! From discussions on building high-performing teams to harnessing the power of AI, the summit offered valuable insights into the digital journey of pharma. Check out the pictures>>

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