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In this edition, we present a compelling report on unlocking the value of precision medicines, a podcast episode featuring Axtria’s CEO, and a comprehensive article on artificial intelligence. And that’s not all! In the Timeless Insights and Leaders' Perspective sections, learn about the growing influence of AI in MedTech, omnichannel adoption challenges, sales crediting techniques, and the transformative potential of data mesh.

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DataDriven 2023

Axtria is a Silver Sponsor of Reltio’s DataDriven23 Modern Data Management Conference! Catch our leaders at booth #107 and join 250+ attendees from the pharmaceutical industry at the Rennaisance Dallas from October 3-5, 2023.

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Strategies and Solutions in a Transformed Future

Is pharma ready to transform and unlock the value of precision medicines and personalized treatments?

In June 2023, the Axtria Commercial Excellence Summit roundtable brought together global pharma leaders to discuss the challenges of commercializing precision medicines and the critical changes the life sciences industry must make to be future-ready. Here are eight key takeaways from the discussion.

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Pioneering Patient-Centricity in the Most Innovative Industry

Jassi Chadha, President and CEO of Axtria, shares his perspective on the ever-changing life sciences industry. He also discusses how innovation has transformed the global healthcare system and shares the key insights from his professional journey.

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Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that the concept of “thinking machines” had been discussed as far back as ancient Greece? Delve into the fascinating history of AI, how it is changing our world, and what the AI-empowered future will look like.

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Are Life Sciences Field Teams Ready to Accept Next Best Action Suggestions?

Life sciences companies only achieve real value from omnichannel’s next-gen technology if end-users adopt the NBA recommendations. This article by Klas Eriksson and Charles Rink, Principals at Axtria, outlines the challenges field teams encounter when adopting an omnichannel design and presents effective change management recommendations.

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The Growing Influence of AI in MedTech

Brian Rogers, Director at Axtria, explores the role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing the MedTech industry. He explains how MedTech companies can integrate the power of AI into their business and discusses the critical factors to be considered along the way.

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How Do You Hold the Field Force Accountable for Givebacks?

Sales crediting techniques enable organizations to align financial profitability to sales performance. This short video compares three different sales crediting methods and describes how you can use them to create field force accountability.

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Data Mesh: Serving Fresh and Real-time Data Every Single Time

While data architectures have evolved significantly in the last 50 years, for most organizations, they are monolithic - with limited agility and scalability. Learn how data mesh, a decentralized architecture with a self-service design, can ease those challenges.

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Axtria Leaders at PMSA 2023 Global Summit!

Jassi Chadha, President and CEO of Axtria, delivered a keynote session at the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) Global Summit 2023, conducted in Barcelona. He was joined by Axtria leaders Charles Rink and Prabhjot Singh, who shared insights on measuring the impact of HCP-focused NBA programs. Jassi's Keynote>> Session by Charles and Prabhjyot>>

Empowerment and Tech Innovation in Action!

Nupur Bansal, Principal at Axtria, shared her views at NASSCOM’s roundtable. She joined senior leaders from major companies in a discussion on the “Role of Women in Technology.” Read More>> 

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