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As you gear up to make 2024 the best year yet, we’re thrilled to share some insights and inspiration to help you plan. Find out how you can effectively measure the success of your omnichannel campaigns, access a Gartner® report on the top technology investments and objectives for life sciences companies, learn about 2024 tech trends, real-world data in clinical trials, and more in this edition of The Axtria Collective.

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Orchestrating Omnichannel Measurement Approaches to Enable Outcomes-Driven, Personalized Campaigns

Drive impactful omnichannel campaigns! Read our latest white paper to get a deep dive into omnichannel planning and understand how to set up an omnichannel measurement framework that will turn insights into action. Also learn how to use attribution modeling to understand the effectiveness of individual promotional channels.

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2024 Top Technology Investments and Objectives in Life Sciences

What are the key outcomes for digital technology investments? What are the top three technologies where CIOs will increase and decrease investments? Which technologies are most likely to be implemented in the next three years?

This report by Gartner identifies enterprise objectives and tech spending trends in the life sciences industry and provides recommendations to achieve digital excellence.

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Real-World Data in Clinical Trials: Opportunities and Challenges

Sunil Agarwal, Principal at Axtria, discusses how including real-world data in clinical trials and research can improve patient outcomes. Listen to this podcast episode to learn about the use cases, challenges, and regulatory considerations for using real-world data in clinical trials.

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2024 Tech Trends: Evolving Technologies in Healthcare

Shikha Singhal, Principal of Data Science at Axtria, presents her views on the evolving technologies for healthcare in 2024. Learn which technologies are revolutionizing healthcare decision-making, enabling personalized medicine, and strengthening patient privacy.

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Should Pharma Companies Care About New-To-Brand Prescriptions?

New-to-brand prescription (NBRx) offers a comprehensive look at the influx of new patients adopting a specific drug. Read our latest blog to understand the significance of NBRx data and how it can enable pharma companies to make better decisions.

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Promotional Blackouts and Their Influence on Baseline Sales

Promotional blackouts are strategically timed periods during which marketing promotions are intentionally withheld. Discover how promotional blackouts impact physician behavior, brand perception, and long-term marketing efficacy, and explore the delicate balance between blackout benefits and the erosion of baseline sales.

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We Are 200K Strong on LinkedIn!

Our LinkedIn family is now 200,000 strong. As we celebrate this milestone, we thank everyone who has taken part in this journey by following Axtria on LinkedIn and interacting with our content. We strive to keep our posts engaging, valuable, and insightful. Check out our latest posts>>

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