Key Facts about Specialty Data

  • U.S. specialty drugs account for >30% of total sales
  • Data Quality issues lead to inefficient targeting & incentive compensation
  • Large amount of time is wasted on resolving data quality issues
  • Diverse data sources make tracking and identifying patients difficult

Axtria's specialty pharmacy data management platform and expertise in Specialty products help our clients achieve precise & scalable pharmacy contracts.  We manage fragmented data from diverse sources and ensure data accuracy through predefined and configurable quality control set up.  Analytics is performed for product sales trends, prescriber/payer impacts on sales and longitudinal tracking of patients across pharmacies and hubs on a secured and HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

How we Achieve it

Blend of our expertise in Specialty data and best in class technology platform help our clients achieve efficient business processes & analysis

Download Solution Brochure

The Brochure throws light on:

  • How our Specialty Expertise reduces operations cost for our clients
  • The effectiveness  of our Specialty data framework
  • How data governance is ensured through our proven platform
  • The impact of our technology practices to ensure defect free business processes

Our Platform in action

A demo crafted to highlight our capabilities in Data Integration, Enhancement, Data Quality, Data Governance and Data Management

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The Demo showcases:

  • How we track pharmacy data ingestion & data quality in real time
  • How we track Patients across Pharmacies on their chronic journey
  • How quick configuration through pre-defined quality KPIs & business rules can achieve early results
  • How we track in-house as well as competitor product Sales