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It is the season of joy and festive cheer! From our Axtria family to yours, we wish you happy holidays!

Check out our recently launched Commercial Excellence hub, discover the top trends that will shape 2024, learn how to decode AI hallucinations, follow the journey of data, learn how to increase omnichannel engagement in a cookieless world, and more in this edition of The Axtria Collective.

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Axtria's Commercial Excellence Benchmarking Hub

Axtria's 2023 Life Sciences Commercial Excellence Benchmarking Studies are now live.

These studies provide benchmarks and trends across the entire value chain of commercial operations, covering segmentation and targeting, alignment design and refinement, call planning, incentive compensation, and customer engagement. Leverage these to calibrate your teams and elevate your commercial operations.

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Dynamic Targeting

Strategic Field Operations leaders from AstraZeneca joined Axtria’s Commercial Excellence experts last week to discuss how field teams can optimize brand reach and drive exceptional customer engagement through Dynamic Targeting.

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Jassi Chadha

Agents of Change in 2024: 3 Key Trends for the Life Sciences Industry

Jassi Chadha, CEO & President of Axtria, discusses three major trends shaping the life sciences landscape in 2024. From getting generative AI right to increasing the focus on rare disease therapies, learn how life sciences companies can position themselves for success in the upcoming year.

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Capitalizing on the Journey of Data to Drive Efficient Business Insights

Ashish Thakur, who leads the BI reporting and competency center at Axtria, explains the journey of data in a brand life cycle. Learn how to distinguish between meaningful and irrelevant information, and how to avoid being overwhelmed by the vast amount of data available.

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Decoding AI Hallucinations: Unmasking the Illusions of Generative AI

AI hallucination refers to a model’s output that is inaccurate, irrelevant, or entirely out of touch with reality. Like humans, AI systems hallucinate in an attempt to “fill in the gaps” when faced with missing information. Read more to learn the causes of AI hallucinations and the strategies you can employ to curb them. 

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement In a Post-Cookie World

Recent moves to eliminate marketing cookies pose challenges for life sciences commercial teams trying to implement effective campaigns. When customers remain unidentified, it becomes difficult to build targeted responses for each customer touchpoint. Read more to know the impact of a cookieless world and the road ahead for life sciences brands.

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Axtria's Workplace Training Empowers Next-Gen Talent for Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry

To cultivate next-gen leaders for impactful roles in driving digital transformation across the pharma value chain, a cohort of 300 graduates from esteemed institutions recently completed Axtria's Campus Training Program. Read More>>

Making Our Planet More Beautiful!

Our pledge was clear this year: enrich our surroundings with 1,000 new saplings. The spirit of Axtrians shone through — their camaraderie, sportsmanship, and environmental zeal led to an incredible achievement of 1,089 saplings planted! Read More>> 

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