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    Episode 5: From a rural and humble upbringing to saving patient lives with cell and gene therapy

    Dr. Devyn Smith, the CEO of Arbor Biotechnologies, one of the leading CRISPR gene editing companies today, joins us to discuss cutting and rewriting sections of DNA so that you can replace mutations. This industry is changing daily, and it’s exciting to think that a small molecule and antibody can treat a disease. However, with cell and gene therapies, the industry is moving beyond treatment to thinking about curative approaches. The focus is on curing or treating genetic diseases ALS or Huntington’s. Listen in to learn about these revolutionary therapies.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [03:08] Devyn shares his childhood and educational background and what motivated him toward gene therapy
    • [07:34] Devyn discusses what role he has at Arbor Biotechnologies and gene editing
    • [09:25] How has the industry evolved, and what events or people shaped Devyn’s career path
    • [14:14] Devyn recommends key leadership skills he has found effective and also how to achieve your dreams
    • [20:33] How Devyn continues to invest in his career growth and learning
    • [23:19] How does Devyn balance his personal life with his professional life
    • [25:22] Devyn responds to Jasmeets rapid-fire questions

    Key Takeaways:

    • Historically, the industry’s been focused on identifying molecules, small molecules or antibodies, that can treat a disease. More recently, they’ve shifted their focus with cell and gene therapies, moving beyond treatment to thinking about curative approaches like cell therapies that can enable treating cancer and curing cancer patients.
    • A learning journey isn’t just regarding your career; it is community focused by serving people.
    • A good leader is one who also serves his employees.

    About Speaker

    Meet Dr. Devyn Smith:

    Dr. Devyn Smith brings significant cell and gene therapy development and platform expertise from his 20+ year career. Devyn joined Arbor Biotechnologies as Chief Executive Officer on April 27, 2021, after concluding his role as Chief Operating Officer of Sigilon Therapeutics. Before Sigilon, Dr. Smith worked in various roles at Pfizer Inc., including COO of the UK-based Neusentis Unit, focused on discovering and developing cell therapies. He received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Harvard Medical School. He is an inventor with multiple patents and has published in leading scientific journals throughout his career. Dr. Smith is a board member and officer for ARM (Alliance for Regenerative Medicine), the cell and gene therapy industry group.


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