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    Episode 7: Building a Global Organization with Local Understanding of Patient Needs at Heart

    Today, we have the privilege of hosting Ramona Sequeira, the President of Takeda’s Global Portfolio Division. She will delve into Takeda’s involvement in the Life Science sector, shedding light on leadership, employee oversight, and recruitment. Ramona emphasizes three essential qualities for those aspiring to join her team: curiosity, humility, and courage. Additionally, she delves into the importance of making decisions as close to the patient as possible, tailoring strategies to the needs of specific healthcare systems and markets.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [03:56] Ramona provides a background of her professional journey into her current position
    • [08:17] What are the major shifts in the industry
    • [10:43] Ramona discusses key decisions she has made during her career
    • [15:21] Ramona shares attributes she looks for in employees
    • [17:39] Keeping abreast of continuing education is critical for Ramona, and she discusses how she prioritizes her career and personal life
    • [23:32] Jasmeet asks Ramona a series of rapid-fire questions

    Key Takeaways:

    • Strategies must be tailored to the needs of specific healthcare systems and countries in order to best meet the needs of patients globally.
    • When stepping into a new role, it’s crucial to ensure that you bring employees along with you by communicating the why and being clear on your vision.
    • Curiosity, humility and courage are essential to lead in a rapidly changing environment.

    About Speaker

    Meet Ramona Sequeira:

    Ramona Sequeira is a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, currently serving as President of Takeda’s Global Portfolio Division (GPD) and as a member of Takeda’s Executive Team. With a career spanning multiple markets, cultures, and healthcare systems, Ramona has launched brands and built and grown businesses for Takeda and prior to that Eli Lilly, always with an unwavering dedication to building solutions based on a deep understanding of patient needs.


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