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    Episode 3: Importance of leadership and a practical approach in product commercialization

    Gregory Rubert, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at Bausch Health Companies, joins us today. Gregory is responsible for leading a large cross-disciplinary team across various commercial analytics and operational functions and leads a team of roughly 70 employees. Today, he will share great advice on leading that team. Gregory has challenged himself to take on roles that took him out of his comfort zone. However, those roles brought him to the position he holds today. Hear his perspective on leading a team successfully and insights on how Covid has affected the workplace.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [02:38] Gregory Rubert describes his curious career journey and how moving out of his comfort zone ultimately led to professional growth
    • [07:37] He discusses his role at Bausch Health and how collaboration has been the key to supporting the businesses they serve
    • [09:26] The impact of Covid has spurred dynamic changes in the workplace, and the success of your organization depends on how you adapt
    • [12:47] A lack of connection will spark a disconnect between a leader and his employees. Treating people with respect and care enables employees to trust their leadership. He says when you are the manager, all eyes are on you
    • [21:14] Gregory feels that balancing family and a career comes down to making deliberate choices
    • [25:08] Gregory answers Jasmeet’s rapid-fire questions

    Key Takeaways:

    • Vital workplaces are predicated on respecting staff, trustworthiness, and integrity. Employees thrive when these conditions are present.
    • Covid created a situation where employees worked remotely. That experience made them appreciate a better balance between work and personal time. Employers should adopt this evolving trend.
    • Team members engage and perform at their highest level when the leader fosters a culture of empowerment and truly values his employees.

    About Speaker

    Meet Gregory Rubert:

    Greg is a Senior Vice President and head of US commercial operations at Bausch Health. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership across a broad scope of commercial functions supporting 5 U.S. Commercial Business Units and driving over $3B in annual revenue. In his role, he is the go-to consulting partner for Commercial BU Heads, Marketing, Sales, and Market Access leadership. Prior to this role, he was head of the US Insights and Analytics, where he was responsible for building a centralized Insights & Analytics practice after the company’s reorganization into a central support model.

    Before Bausch Health, he held roles of increasing responsibilities within the Commercial, Finance, and Accounting teams at Sanofi, where among other things, he led the integration of the systems, processes and people for Sanofi after its acquisition of Genzyme.

    He started his career in Accounting and has a Bachelor of science in accounting, and an MBA from Marist college.


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