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    Episode 4: The Role of Marketing Data Hubs in the Omnichannel Transformation

    Learn from Axtria’s Philip Daniels as he explains marketing data hubs (MDHs) – the central hub around which marketing and omnichannel execution revolves. First, Phillip explains why MDHs are so critical to supporting coordinated marketing operations and analytics. Then, he delves deep into how MDHs differ from traditional data warehouses and customer data platforms. Later, Phillip reveals the first steps a leader should take when building a marketing data hub and explains Axtria’s unique metadata and consulting approaches in the omnichannel transformation space. In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [02:00] An explanation of marketing data hubs and their significance.
    • [06:20] Why we hear so much about marketing data hubs now despite them being around for years.
    • [07:05] How marketing data hubs differ from traditional data warehouses and customer data platforms.
    • [10:50] The first steps leaders must take to build a marketing data hub.
    • [14:45] How Axtria approaches marketing data hubs.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Data is foundational to growing omnichannel and customer experience (CX) capabilities. Any company working on its omnichannel capabilities must consider and assess the need for an MDH.
    • There is a clear distinction between traditional data warehouses, customer data platforms, and an MDH. Pharma executives need to have clarity on the role each of them plays.
    • Building MDHs can seem daunting, but the fundamentals are the same whether your marketing ecosystem contains ten or 100+ vendors.

    About Speaker

    Meet Phil Daniels:

    Phil Daniels is a Principal at Axtria with 20+ years in life sciences, marketing technology, and business consulting. He is focused on driving enterprise transformations in data strategy, engineering, analytics, and data science. Much of Phil’s work is centered around establishing a center of excellence and incubator models for companies to embed analytics innovation into their DNA. 

    Phil has led complex enterprise data and analytics engagements for life sciences organizations. Recently, he built a data pipeline supporting 120+ vendors across 12 channels covering over $150 million in marketing spend for a global healthcare company. Other notable engagements include an enterprise digital migration of 225+ websites onto Adobe analytics, resulting in real-time omnichannel capability and a data science innovation incubator for patient and marketing analytics at a top-five pharma company.

    Phil’s areas of expertise include digital analytics, omnichannel marketing, business intelligence, data science automation, data stewardship, and commercial data warehousing


    Phil Daniels on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philgdaniels/
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