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    Episode 20: Post-COVID Mindset – How the Modern Field Force Operations Must Evolve

    In today’s episode, we are joined by Mehmet Bozbay, Head of Field Deployment, Incentives & Analytics at Astellas Pharma US. We discuss the evolution of the field force and how it plays into the success of sales reps. Mehmet talks about the shift seen since the pandemic and what areas need enhancing to create the proper execution and effectiveness for success. He talks about how the role of sales reps is evolving and where customers are expecting more. Tune in to learn how healthcare providers and sales reps are changing the game, where they are investing, and other tips on improving the quality of their field force.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [2:40] Strategy and evolution for deploying the field force and the impact due to COVID.
    • [4:20] Customer standpoint: how have their needs evolved?
    • [5:30] How did interactions change during the pandemic?
    • [8:00] Are call plans still available in this new world?
    • [9:20] How are pharma companies adapting to ensure their reps are prepared and qualified to conduct business within account-based models?
    • [11:08] What evolution do you see in incentivizing the field force?
    • [13:18] How should analytics interplay with field force operations?
    • [14:21] What does the field force roadmap look like?

    Key Takeaways:

    • In the post-COVID world, the need for a well-rounded promotion strategy is extremely important. Having personal and non-personal promotion levers in their swim lanes can lead to many lost opportunities.
    • The role of a sales rep is more important than ever in an increasingly complex marketplace. A harmonized deployment approach, incentives, and supporting analytics enable the success of the sales rep of the future.
    • Successful implementation of an omnichannel strategy requires alignment and buy-in across the organization.

    About Speaker

    Mehmet Bozbay:

    Mehmet Bozbay is Head of Field Deployment, Incentives & Analytics at Astellas Pharma US. He has more than 18 years of experience in sales and marketing strategy and operations. His specialties are Salesforce Incentive Design & Compensation, Sales & Marketing Operations, Field Analytics, and more. Mehmet has been with Astellas Pharma US for over eight years.


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