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    Episode 3: Specialty Pharmacy Data: A Billion Dollar Question

    Many pharmaceutical companies are investing in specialty pharmacy data for its unique advantages. Specialty pharmacy data provides valuable insights that drive patient engagement – a key aspect of brand success. However, challenges exist for pharma companies to acquire and operationalize this data.

    Join Uday Shah, Principal of Decision Science at Axtria, as he answers the “billion-dollar question” – why is data so important in the life sciences industry? Data enables manufacturers to reach the right patients at the right time with the right treatments. Without it, patients can suffer, and both pharma companies and patients experience a significant loss of value. Using integrated approaches, pharma companies can harness specialty pharmacy data’s true potential for critical patient journey insights.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [01:10] Uday’s introduction; why specialty pharmacy data is a hot industry topic.
    • [05:15] Why data matters in specialty pharma.
    • [10:05] Key challenges and implications for pharma companies to acquire and operationalize specialty pharmacy data.
    • [13:40] Uday’s approach to overcoming these challenges, and why Axtria’s solutions are unique in the industry.
    • [21:35] Learn more from the Axtria’s Research Hub.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Patient engagement is a key driver of brand success.
    • Specialty pharmacy data provides valuable insights into the right opportunities for both patient engagement and support.
    • Leveraging specialty pharmacy data for patient journey insights is critical in realizing the data’s full potential.

    About Speaker

    Meet Uday Shah:

    Uday is a principal at Axtria and is part of the Decision Science practice. He is responsible for leading customer engagement, consulting, and delivery of Axtria’s expertise for all market access, managed care, and specialty pharmacy strategy requirements of our clients.

    Uday comes to Axtria with a rich and long managed care background in management consulting and strategy development, experience across benefits design and development, cost containment, benefits administration, and commercial strategy.


    Axtria Research Hub: https://insights.axtria.com/white-papers/tag/patient-analytics
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