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    Axtrians are #BacktoOffice

    1 mins read

    US-based Axtrians kicked off the month of June with an official “Welcome Back” celebration across US offices. These celebrations included Jassi addressing all the offices as they united over Microsoft Teams! Although the offices have been open for Axtrians to walk in and work, 1st June 2022 marks the “official” opening since the COVID-19 pandemic. The day was full of excitement as Axtrians came together after being physically distant for too long. For many, it was the first time meeting their co-workers in person. Others reunited after a long time.

    Jassi, CEO & President of Axtria, was excited as he spoke about the benefits of being back together in person, the increased job satisfaction from the human collaboration with colleagues and clients, and the greater chance of achieving work-life balance.

    There were numerous reasons to be excited about the offices reopening and Axtria’s future. For now, we will enjoy seeing the smiles on our colleagues’ and friends’ faces and cherish the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee or lunch together.

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