Orchestrating Omnichannel Measurement Approaches To Enable Outcomes-Driven, Personalized Campaigns

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    Pharma’s investment in digital has grown significantly in the last few years, fueled by the proliferation of digital channels and evolving customer preferences. This has made customer journeys very complex, with customers choosing how and where to interact with your brand in a unique and on-demand manner. With these trends in play, we must ensure a holistic measurement approach towards measuring and optimizing omnichannel campaigns.

    In this webinar, we discuss orchestrating various analytical approaches, such as marketing mix modeling, attribution modeling, and campaign analytics in tandem at varying cadences to enable outcomes-driven omnichannel campaigns. We will also discuss:

    • How to combine multiple analytical approaches at different cadences to drive omnichannel outcomes
    • How digital behaviors act as leading indicators of prescription behaviors
    • Omnichannel measurement framework to translate insights into actions
    • How marketing mix outputs must evolve to inform downstream Next Best Action recommendations.

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    Vandana Singh, Omnichannel Practice Lead, Axtria

    Vandana leads the Omnichannel practice at Axtria, where she is responsible for providing thought leadership and shaping Axtria’s consulting and product offerings for omnichannel.


    Ritu Kohli, Principal, Decision Sciences, Axtria

    Ritu is a Principal in the Decision Sciences practice, managing analytics delivery and governance. She brings deep expertise in commercial and digital analytics, patient outcomes, and data science to drive strategic problem-solving and digital transformation initiatives for clients.