Re-calibrate your commercial model for digital-HCP engagement

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    Move from re-active to pro-active and exceed HCP needs with an integrated data-led approach for omnichannel, multi-channel strategy

    For most of pharma 2020 meant a huge reactionary change to how commercial models operated. We scrambled together to establish new virtual operations and accelerate digital roadmaps, changing a tried and tested engagement strategy.

    But times they are a changing, and 2021 requires a more pro-active approach. HCPs are more time-starved, over-worked, and engulfed by digital content than ever. It means connecting with them on their channel of choice has never been more vital – or risk the innovations of last year meaning nothing.

    Companies creating real HCP-value are adopting new integrated data and analytics approaches, reshaping their commercial model with crystal clear understanding of customer need. They can call upon insights in real-time, so that marketing, commercial and field teams can rapidly deliver the experiences customers crave in the digital and virtual age.

    Join industry leaders to learn the steps to design, plan and execute a unified data approach for channel selection and content delivery:

    • Design: New Go-To-Market models are driven by customer-centricity. Gain real actionable insights from AI and ML analytics by building a ‘warehouse’ to clean and store data, no matter its structure when acquired.
    • Plan: Use actionable insights on HCP behaviour to more accurately segment audiences and deliver targeted messaging for brand positioning.
    • Execute: Start your data-driven omnichannel, multi-channel strategy with content and messaging orchestration to engage digitally fatigued HCPs.
    • Optimise: Incorporate marketing KPIs and rep insights into a feedback loop creates a more diverse data warehouse to better inform future-strategy and decision making.