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Perspectives on Pharma Company Use of Open Payments Data

The creation of Open Payments Data (OPD) was formed from the Affordable Care Act to bring greater public transparency to the financial relationships between pharma and medical device companies, and healthcare providers. This white paper provides a detailed analysis on the role and effects of “Sunshine Laws” and payments made to providers as seen from published empirical evidence, intricacies, and challenges in applying this database, and perspectives on pharma company uses for the applications of this database.

It addresses the following issues pertaining to OPD:

1) What are the likely factors that helped to create this database?

2) What are the conclusions from empirical studies that have applied this database and physician prescribing effects from instituting sunshine laws?

3) How do pharma companies currently apply the database and for what purposes?

4) What are the data intricacies and challenges in applying OPD?

5) What are perspectives on how pharma companies can use OPD?


The application of OPD provides an opportunity for pharma companies to demonstrate what is beneficial about physician and industry interactions, and potentially, what is also detrimental about such interactions. Pharma companies need to ensure that the intent of their actions is one designed to help HCPs and their patients, ultimately providing the public with a more transparent healthcare system.

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