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5 Steps To A Single Source Of Truth With Master Data Management

The Pharmaceutical industry is experiencing greater change than ever before. The rise of digital, a shift from volume-to-value and a changing regulatory environment has truly transformed the landscape. The market calls for new insights, new approaches and new ways of thinking.

An explosion of data is occurring across areas of the business. Whilst this provides a significant opportunity in terms of insight and data-driven decision making, it is not of value without a consolidated view and a single source of truth. This is about much more than shifting legacy, process-driven applications to the cloud. This is about breaking down the enterprise silos and establishing a modern data management layer that drives a single source of truth about customer, product, plan, payer, patient, and clinical studies across the company.

Over the past year we have worked with over 50 leading pharmaceutical companies in the commercial insight and information management space, helping them accelerate their journey from data to insights to impact. Based on these engagements and our learnings we have created this strategic 5 step guide for senior executives on Master Data Management.

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