Analytics & Innovation Management - A Customer Panel Discussion

Arvindh Balakrishnan, VP Sales & Marketing, Axtria, Inc.

Axtria recently conducted a benchmarking study on client readiness for enabling analytics innovation. A readout of this study was presented at the PMSA Annual Conference in Orlando earlier this year.

For PMSA Europe, we have tweaked the formula and turned this into a panel discussion, where we will bring 3 of our European customers who were included in the study on stage to share their experiences and add credible commentary to the findings.

The discussion will focus on the maturity of data management and analytics innovation that is primarily driven on five different dimensions:

  1. First, we will address the use of new data sources in Europe and across the globe. What are some of the emerging data sources (EMR, EHR, Claims, Diagnostics, SPP, etc.) that companies are leveraging? How does the adoption differ across the globe?
  2. We will then look at the maturity of a central data governance function both regarding procurement and use of the data. And how this looks from a global/European perspective.
  3. Third, we will look at global service delivery models for analytics. How are analytics needs for their organization being serviced? What are their preferred analytics service delivery model and partner strategy?
  4. Fourth we take a look at big data and cloud data technologies in use to drive innovation. What are Big Data technologies being used? BI platform, MDM technology, etc.? What have the experiences been in Europe?
  5. Finally, from these four dimensions, we measure how analytics is driving commercial innovation. Which are the key initiatives/ innovations that are being driven? What are the focus areas for Europe?

We are excited to announce that we have panelists from Novartis, Sanofi and UCB confirmed to take part in this discussion.

For more details of Axtria’s participation in PMSA Europe, please check out the latest agenda.

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