Axtria’s Case Study Submitted on ‘Telematics’ Selected for NASSCOM Top 50 ‘Excellence in Analytics’ 2015

    1 mins read

    Axtria was recently named one of the winners of the NASSCOM Top 50 ‘Excellence in Analytics’ 2015 case study contest where its Telematics case study was selected from over 200 submissions received. The intent of the award was to identify the most innovative Analytics work done across India in all three categories including Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

    Axtria’s winning Telematics case study dealt with key issues the client was facing arising out of large volumes of data coming in from various sources including telematics devices. The data included structured, semi-structured and un-structured data streams and there was a clear need to integrate, clean and analyze the data streams to generate deeper customer insights, increase customer engagement and improve product features.

    Axtria established a cloud based Big Data infrastructure for the client enabling us to integrate data from the different sources. Leveraging storm technology, we built data audit modules which did real-time data quality audits to improve the quality of data. We embedded analytical widgets in the infrastructure to evaluate user behavior, driving patterns and ‘points of engagement drop’. This enabled us to identify opportunities to enhance the product, improve customer experience and customer engagement, thereby creating value worth several millions.

    Mohana Krishnan, Director, NASSCOM describing the rationale for these awards said, “Disruptive technologies, informed customers, rapidly changing business models are presenting challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises to explore innovative solutions available in the ecosystem. The need for drawing better insights from huge volumes of data has fueled the need for innovative analytic solutions. The depth, breadth, innovation and maturity of analytics solutions from India is fascinating and has led industries such as banking, retail, mining, aviation, agriculture, government, transportation, hospitality, and energy & utilities to quickly adopt and bring enhanced competitive advantage.”

    This award is a testament to the strong domain, analytics and technology capabilities of Axtria and to our commitment of helping clients make better decisions through them.  It also is a clear validation of how the power of Big Data technologies can really be harnessed effectively. Hearty congratulations to Axtria on being recognized for top 50 analytics case submissions in the country.