Getting the most out of your Dreamforce Experience!

    The Axtria 5-Step guide: Getting the most out of your Dreamforce Experience!

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    Dreamforce 2016 is one of the industry’s largest technology conferences with over 2,000 sessions, including keynotes, breakouts, training, and certification. The event takes place across a range of venues indowntown San Francisco from October 4th – 7th.

    Past Dreamforce-goers have experienced huge increases in ROI across the board. Sales productivity, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, lead volume, and business insight - all tend to go up post-Dreamforce. However, with so many sessions and different options available, there is a very fine line between
    generating value and wasting the opportunity.

    Having taken part in Dreamforce for a number of years now, Axtria has some experience in getting the most out of the event. Working with our past attendees, we have put together this insightful 5 step guide to assist you in having the best Dreamforce experience possible! We hope you find this guide useful and that we get the opportunity to see you there.

    Step 1: Pack appropriately

    Step 2: Start planning now

    Step 3: Socialize and join the community

    Step 4: Don’t go to bed early!

    Step 5: Remember to give back


    Download the 5-Step guide to get the most out of your Dreamforce experience!