Integrating Roster Management with HR, Alignments and Incentive Compensation Systems

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    Session two focuses on integrating roster management with existing HR, alignments, and incentive compensation processes. It highlights the need for inclusion of key stakeholders for successful transformation and adoption of the roster management processes.


    Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma, Senior Director, Axtria

    Gaurav Sharma has over 10+ years of experience and specializes in delivering global enterprise-grade analytics projects. He has a demonstrated track record of creating and delivering multiple industry-leading solutions in the areas of Sales Force Alignment, Targeting, Compensation and Reporting. Gaurav graduated from The City College of New York with a Master’s in Computer Science.

    Nandana Kondur

    Nandana Kondur, Associate Director, Axtria

    Nandana Kondur has 10+ years of professional experience, working in the areas of Commercial Operations, Alignments and Roster Management, Business Process Management and Re-engineering, Software Application Development and IT Consulting. She has worked with global clients across industries including Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance and Banking.

    Anuj Mahajan

    Anuj Mahajan, Associate Director, Axtria

    Anuj Mahajan has more than seven years of experience in Life Sciences and Analytics. During this time, he has worked as a consultant for Sales Operations and Meeting Planning functions with a focus on bringing process efficiencies through innovative technology transformations.