Managing Incentive Compensation During COVID-19

    Session Details

    This webinar session will:

    • Provide an overview of how COVID-19 is disrupting the sales force and impacting all sales operations areas, with a focus on IC.
    • Discuss the key objectives sales operations leaders are focused on when considering IC changes, including employee safety, sales force engagement, and effective use of IC budgets.
    • Look at the IC levers available to sales operations leaders while managing the impact of COVID-19 from a short-term, medium-term, and long-term perspective.
    • Review some of the commonly used tactics and strategies that pharma companies are embracing in these unprecedented times.


    Asheesh Sharma

    Asheesh Sharma, Lead, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Asheesh Sharma is leading Axtria’s Information Management and Business Operations practices and has ensured customer success of several large and specialty clients. Previously, Asheesh was the Global Head for the Sales Performance Management line of business with Cognizant and helped top tier companies across industries design, implement and administer motivating incentive plans aligned with corporate and business strategy. Under Asheesh’s leadership the practice grew to serve Top Tier firms (globally over 30,000 reps) with effective cloud computing innovation that pioneered business processes as a service. He is known in the industry for his passion for excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation. Asheesh has been involved with PMSA since 2008 and has been a featured presenter at PMSA webinars and annual conferences.

    Daniel Stewart

    Daniel Stewart, Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Daniel Stewart has 10+ years of consulting and Incentive Compensation design expertise. He has driven partnerships with various clients, developing sales operations roadmaps to help transform their commercial operations. Dan has directed multiple, global client teams in sales operations management and large-scale system implementations. He has helped companies win awards recognizing industry leadership in commercial excellence, and has contributed to thought leadership in the industry including webinars and conference presentations at WorldatWork, PMSA, and the Sales Management Association.

    Abhijit Paul

    Abhijit (Abhi) Paul, Director, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Abhijit (Abhi) Paul has 14+ years of experience in Life Sciences Consulting with 12 years primarily focused on Incentive Compensation design across mass markets, specialty products, rare/ultra-rare disease products, vaccines and animal health. He has helped multiple pharma client’s in the US and outside US to shape-up their IC strategy and design across various stages of product life cycle. Abhi’s current area of work involves helping clients drive innovation in IC design by leveraging intrinsic motivators and leveraging the power of customized IC plans. He has expertise in developing IC design health check framework for large pharma clients. He specializes in incentive plan design, IC solution building, IC platform development and thought leadership. He has authored multiple IC design point-of-view, white papers.