Sales Force Sizing & Portfolio Optimization

    Session Details

    Session one describes the various approaches to determine the best sales force size, and situations when it is appropriate to use a given method. The webinar also explores portfolio optimization and scenario analysis. Building on the first session, questions covered include: What are the building blocks? What decisions are involved? What does it look like?


    David Wood

    David Wood, PhD, Senior Principal, Decision Science, Axtria

    David has more than 35 years of experience in mathematical modeling of business problems, with over 20 years in sales and marketing analysis for life sciences companies.

    At Axtria, David serves as a Senior Principal, with emphasis on projects in mathematical modeling of sales operations and multi-channel promotion analysis.

    Prior to Axtria, he was a Sr. Vice President at marketRx, where he did significant work in all forms of sales and marketing optimization in the Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Managed Care Industries, with scores of engagements including sales and marketing structure, site location, and multi-channel marketing.

    David was the lead trainer on the Global Marketing Mix training program for a large pharma client in Europe.

    David had provided training on various intermediate and advanced levels topics on Marketing Mix Modeling, Promotional Response Modeling, and Mathematical modeling etc.

    Rajnish Kumar

    Rajnish Kumar, Principal, Decision Science, Axtria

    Rajnish has over 8 years of total experience; primarily in commercial analytics for US pharmaceutical clients.  His assignments include Business Analytics, Project & Client Management, New Solution Development and Team Management. He has extensive experience in designing advanced analytical solutions for planning and optimizing personal promotion (field-based), non-personal & digital promotion, and other marketing- and payer- related initiatives.