Targeting & Call Planning

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    Session three explores tactical targeting and call planning. In today’s tough environment (“doing more with less”, shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.), we see pharma companies using all available resources (process, analytics, data sources, field input, etc.) to enhance targeting and call planning processes. Questions covered include: What are the benefits of call planning? What are typical analytical approaches and techniques? What decisions are involved? How do we reconcile conflicting stakeholder priorities (marketing – sales; HQ – field)? What does it look like?


    Chetan Baboor

    Chetan Baboor

    Chetan Baboor has more than a decade of experience spread across Sales Strategy Implementation, Product Management, Forecasting, Marketing Analytics and Effectiveness, Market Research, Technology Solutions for Sales and Marketing Operations. Chet has managed key accounts and initiatives interacting with executive management of top companies to improve their sales force strategic planning, implementation and brand market research to support product management.

    Vineet Rathi

    Vineet Rathi, Principal, Commercial Excellence, Axtria

    Vineet Rathi has 15 years of experience in leading Commercial Analytics, Sales Operations, Data Management, Data Governance and Consulting Engagements across Top 10 pharma.