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Optimizing Your Biggest Promotional Channel — A Responsive, Data-Driven Approach To Empower Field Teams

The link between life sciences field teams and the healthcare community has been vital in delivering valuable drug information that supports informed decision-making by the physician. Most of the tools of the trade for omnichannel orchestration, such as triggered communications, A/B testing, and Customer Data Platforms, were initially developed for digital marketing. Field teams work differently than digital channels. They have additional customer insights and should make decisions that sometimes conflict with the omnichannel orchestration program’s plans, actions, and triggers. This nuanced operating model, along with multiple other factors, is why pharma struggles to achieve omnichannel engagement success.

Companies must be careful to design omnichannel programs that respect the unique knowledge and capabilities of field teams. In this whitepaper, Charles Rink, Global Omnichannel Lead at Axtria, proposes some practical answers to two questions:

  1. How can we help field teams adopt more data-driven, responsive ways of working?
  2. How can we best coordinate customer engagement across digital and field teams while acknowledging the different ways they operate?

Life sciences companies need to use analytics to simplify insights for field teams. This whitepaper discusses some practical ways to make this happen. Dynamic activity plans, as opposed to the traditional longer-term call plans, can be a way to move the needle without really disrupting things so much that it’s rejected by field teams. Companies can enhance customer profiles with dynamic scores and segments to coordinate activity across their digital channels and field teams and help drive more responsive, data-driven customer engagement. Practical examples of a dynamic call plan framework and examples of dynamic scores and segments in omnichannel orchestration in the life sciences industry make this white paper a must-read for everyone interested to learn more about omnichannel orchestration programs.

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