What are the Factors that Cause Call Plan Adherence to Fail and How to Address the Problem



What Are The Factors That Cause Call Plan Adherence To Fail And How To Address The Problem

The sales force for a pharma company still represents one of the largest line items in the budget and is the most significant driver of sales relative to all other individual sales and marketing channels. Direct sales forces have the highest cost per contact relative to other channels (lowest efficiency) but have the greatest effect on sales per contact (highest effectiveness). So, making sure this channel is fully utilized to drive maximum effectiveness is critical to company financial success. Call plans are used by pharma companies to direct sales reps to ensure they achieve the necessary detail execution on healthcare professionals, which is linked to the sales response analysis and activity necessary to achieve strategic and financial objectives for the portfolio and key brands. Thus, a key factor in ensuring the sales force generates maximum effectiveness is making sure sales reps execute product details according to the call plan, or in technical terms, achieve the minimum call plan adherence rate (CPAR) necessary to drive plan sales revenue and contribution. Thus, the objective of this white paper is to provide sales operations planners with the many reasons why sales reps fail to achieve the minimum level of CPAR and what steps can be taken to address this problem.

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