Market Assessment in Oncology Using APLD

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    At the PMSA annual conference, Axtria’s Sudeep Saha and Celgene’s Jennifer Maurer shared an approach that demonstrated how to use patient-level data in a robust way to estimate market opportunity and product penetration in the field of Oncology.


    The presentation highlighted some key aspects of the approach/analytics including:

    • Accurate identification of a defined market, by using a deep clinical knowledge of the disease area to determine indicators in available patient level data.
    • Identify specific treatment regimens based on longitudinal history of patient treatment, and also understand product usage by lines of therapy.
    • Align patient treatment activity to accounts, by linking patients to physicians and physicians to accounts
    • Generate estimates of penetration by product at an account level, by triangulating across different data sources to avoid potential for bias due to limited or unrepresentative samples.
    • Size account opportunity, through a scaling process that considers coverage at an account level.

    A specific application of this approach was used for an oncology drug that is indicated for 3 different tumor types and a specific treatment regimen within each tumor type. The presenters showcased how patient-level data from Rx and medical claims, can be used to develop an approach for estimating market opportunity and product penetration at an account level for Oncology products.

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