Measuring Health System Patient Flow for Effective Targeting – Axtria’s award winning poster presentation at PMSA 2018

The pharmaceutical marketing landscape has changed significantly due to the emergence of several types of “health systems” (e.g., ACOs, IDNs, IHNs, etc.), and the multiple physicians, clinics, and hospitals affiliated to these organizations. Most companies have well-established methodologies to calculate the potential of individual accounts but, since there are potential overlaps within different accounts, it is difficult to measure the potential at a health system level. It is this point that prompted the thought for this topic.

With decision makers changing, it is becoming increasingly important to assign optimal targeting effort not only at the account level, but also at the health system level. Hence, for effective planning purposes a pharmaceutical company needs to understand patient potential at a system level. 

Axtria recently developed a methodology that estimates the potential at the health system level by de-duplicating potential at accounts that are affiliated to the health system. This poster presentation discusses in detail the methodology that was used to de-duplicate and convert account level potential to health system level potential (assuming account level potential is available). 

The poster was presented at PMSA 2018 Annual Conference (in San Antonio, Texas).

Click here to download the poster. 

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