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    Launching a new product in today’s Pharmaceuticals marketplace can be very challenging. The dynamics of the market are shifting at an unprecedented pace, with an ever-increasing number of factors influencing the prescribing behavior of Healthcare Professionals. This is evident in the expansion and control of integrated health systems, the conversion of FFS Medicaid to Managed Medicaid, impacts of Healthcare Reform (including Accountable Care Organizations and Healthcare Exchanges), etc. Further, the need to control healthcare costs is having a direct impact on Pharma, where physical access for sales reps is being limited, quality-based initiatives are being driven, and branded products are being restricted.

    However, it should be noted that opportunities do exist for a successful product launch despite the level of uncertainty in the market. A key to driving a successful launch is understanding Payer dynamics and positioning resources to capitalize on existing and future needs. The development of a payer value proposition is the foundation of truly understanding the key drivers shaping payer decisions. Axtria can assist clients in creating a Value Story where the focus centers on blending the product’s clinical differentiation with potential economic pressures/opportunities defined in the following sections:

    Axtria’s approach in assisting clients develop a Payer Value Proposition is very collaborative, often involving representatives from Clinical, HEOR, Brand Marketing, Sales and Managed Markets. Our templates are geared around appropriate messaging related to each section, supported by well documented evidence, studies, etc. Market research methods are employed at various milestones to ensure that the process is on-target and aligned to the needs of the marketplace.

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