PMSA Presentation on “Application of diagnostic test data in Oncology”

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    Targeted therapies have generated great interest amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers and several products are currently being commercialized. With the advent of advanced data sources provided by companies who perform these diagnostic tests, it becomes more critical pharmaceutical manufacturers to enhance their understanding of diagnosis, testing, and treatment behaviors while building capabilities around the targeted therapies with accurate forecasting. The diagnostic testing data provided by the laboratories helps in evaluating the overall genetic testing landscape ranging from academic to commercial laboratories and make commercial recommendations around forecasting and localized decision making.

    During the presentation session at PMSA 2016, Kishan Kumar and Juhi Parikh will demonstrate the analytic capabilities of leveraging diagnostic test data and innovative ways it can help drive commercial and clinical decisions for these manufacturers. They will demonstrate the application of lab data and clinical trial data in forecasting accuracy, through a better understanding of testing rates and the prevalence of mutations in a given tumor type at national and sub-national levels.

    Summary of key insights that can be discovered with application of diagnostic test data in Oncology:

    • The nature and nuances of diagnostic test data can provide interesting insights into physicians’ use of therapies for cancer treatment (i.e. combination of therapy, line of treatment, etc.)
    • Oncology brand manufacturers can use this information in several ways (e.g. sales and marketing, customer valuation and segmentation, accuracy in forecasting)
    • Companies can be more informed in the selection of clinical trial sites and in targeted physician education programs

    Attend the presentation session to explore:

    • The true potential of patient genetic testing and outcomes data at a marker level for major tumors
    • Examples of genetic markers in select tumors and their implications to forecasting
    • Commercial applications of diagnostic test data in localized insights and planning, focused physician targeting and influencing test behavior
    • Clinical applications of diagnostic test data
    • Examples of challenges in leveraging this data and realizing its full potential