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Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study – 2020 Results

Incentive Compensation (IC) is a powerful lever for motivating salespeople, driving behaviors, providing strategic direction, and driving sales force effectiveness. Pharmaceutical organizations should leverage IC as a strategic tool for enhancing performance and, as a result, increased revenues. Today, IC team leaders need to be aware of best practices that significantly impact sales force performance and keep sales organizations aligned with corporate sales goals. 


This report presents the findings from our 2020 Incentive Compensation Benchmarking Study, which provides insights into the latest industry trends and best practices that can help inform your IC plan. Axtria's IC client teams across the US participated in the study, and the presentation is metadata research of the IC plans of Axtria's current client engagements. 


The report provides insights on pharmaceutical companies' IC practices focusing on the following strategic components: targets, design constructs, pay curves, annual contests, management by objectives (MBOs), goal setting, sales crediting, and reporting frequency.


This report can help IC designers, sales operations practitioners, commercial operations leaders, sales team leaders, and field deployment professionals answer the following questions:

  • How is your organization's sales IC plan performing against others in the pharmaceutical industry?
  • What are the various types of IC plan constructs based on therapy area?
  • What are the industry averages for pay curve metrics such as meaningful engagement rate, engagement rate, percentage of IC target, minimum and maximum payout?
  • What are the goal-setting metric types used most often by pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the common practices in running annual/national contests?
  • What are the standard practices in sales crediting?

We encourage you to download the report and compare the content with your own experiences. We welcome your perspective and would be happy to assess your current IC plans against a set of industry benchmarks and provide a tangible set of steps to move to the next level.

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