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    Episode 7: Building a Commercial Function for Emerging Pharma: Challenges & Learnings

    Matt Bachman is in charge of the Commercial Operations for Milestone Pharmaceutical company, a biotech company launching a novel treatment for patients with PSVT. Jasmeet and Matt discuss the intricacies of building a commercial function for an emerging pharma company, with Matt highlighting distinctions between working in a large pharmaceutical company versus a smaller one. They also delve into crucial factors influencing decision-making for the future, with a particular emphasis on the formidable challenge of navigating data considerations. Matt introduces a compelling and reflective concept, emphasizing that decisions must be "Fit for Purpose.” That is sound learning, no matter the size of your organization.

    In This Episode, We Cover:

    • [2:32] Matt discusses the key differences between working for large pharmaceutical companies and his current position 
    • [3:41] Matt explains his vision for setting up the commercial function
    • [5:50] Matt discusses how he decides what priorities are needed for Milestone to benefit the company
    • [8:05] Matt shares what components he wants to implement to build a foundation for data-driven commercialization, and he is developing a data governance system
    • [13:16] Matt speaks to the technologies and capabilities that they are planning for the future and how he is putting his team together 
    • [17:27]  Matt shares what he has learned in the process of setting up the commercial function

    Key Takeaways:

    • In a smaller company, when you don’t have the resources of a large entity, you have to determine the must-haves and what things would be nice to have. You need to be able to make adjustments quickly for growing or scaling back.
    • Connecting with stakeholders, department heads, and other management figures in a smaller organization is more straightforward. The absence of a sprawling corporate structure, as seen in larger companies, facilitates smoother and faster communication.
    • A company can make a big mistake by spending resources on collecting data, and then they find out it needs to be more accurate data. The perfect time to make data governance decisions is when you are starting out before you start collecting massive amounts of data you won’t ever use.

    About Speaker

    Meet Matthew Bachman:

    Matt Bachman brings over 20 years of experience in the insights and analytics arena at both large pharma and small biotech companies. During that time, he has worked closely with brand teams to commercialize numerous drugs in multiple therapeutic areas. These include drugs for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular drugs that were first in class and novel therapies, as well as the ones that had little clinical differentiation, which presents its own set of challenges. From a customer standpoint, he has worked on commercializing drugs that targeted specialists and also the ones that targeted broad-based PCPs. He currently leads the commercial operations for Milestone Pharmaceuticals, a small biotech company launching a novel treatment for patients with PSVT. Before Milestone, Matt worked for large companies like GSK and BMS.


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